Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So what is up with the Pavliks, anyways?!

  Many of you are new to our little blog so this will be kind of like a prequel to our adventures from this moment forward. For those who know us, this will serve as a little update about what mischief we have been getting into over the past few months and possibly answer some questions that may be lingering in your minds.
  First thing is first, we are still in Virginia and see no means of escape to far off lands anywhere in the foreseeable future ( and for those who are not familiar with military life that translates to approximately the next 48 hours, lol). Our orders to England were canceled because a number of reasons that included a health concern with Odie (everything is fine now), the position being offered to too many people, our loosing our "Lucky Charm" (more about this below), and a few other reasons. The good news is that we did pretty good with the 'trial run' and are pretty well prepared should we ever go through an actual CONUS to OCONUS move. We do have a wish list submitted with the "powers that be" so it is completely possible that I will be sharing the news in the future that our adventure will be making a move to a new and exciting location (other than our forthcoming move a few blocks down the road).
  Second, is that we suffered a loss and kept a lot of it to ourselves. It was not that we wanted to hide anything or that we felt that people were not able to handle the news. It was more that we did not want to put anyone that we loved through the pain and sorrow that we felt. We lost our "Lucky Charm" on the same day that we found out that she was in fact a She. The doctors could not find a heartbeat when they did the ultrasound and determined that she had passed sometime early that morning due to Placental abruption. It was nothing that we could have prevented and we don't know if it is something that could happen again. It has taken a lot of time and tears but we have come to terms with our loss. Being the second time that our family has had a precious angel taken too soon, we struggled with the decision on whether to just be content with the family we have. After a lot of talks and a lot of soul searching we have decided that we are hopeful that our family will be blessed with the expansion of two tiny feet in the future.
   Third, if you haven't already noticed from the previous (and future) posts, we are in the process of moving. It is only a few blocks away from where we live now but it feels like worlds away! The new house is literally twice the size of our current one and has a lot of "creature comforts" that have us very excited! We will still be in military housing and it will still technically be considered a Duplex but that is pretty much where the similarities end. Some of the perks include: We will have a real garage instead of an open air carport. Our washer and dryer will have their own laundry room instead of living in my kitchen. The bedrooms are bigger. We will have our own Master bathroom and Aubrey will have her own hall bathroom in addition to a "Powder Room" downstairs that will not require you to stand against the wall to close the door. Our dining room and kitchen are shared instead of our living room and dining room with the kitchen shut off from the rest of the world by heavy doors. The shared wall of the house is only the garage wall and is shared with their garage. We will have a land line telephone with wires run inside of the wall, not tacked along the baseboards and door frames.  Of course like everything else in life, there are somethings that we will have to trade off for those perks, like: Our backyard will be smaller and we are loosing our big beautiful Oak tree. We have to put up a new wooden fence that is a lot more costly than the  chain link one we have now. Our renters insurance and car insurance are going up slightly because of the zoning. We loose our mailbox on the front of the house to a "community box" down the street.
  Some things that will not be changing are: Aubrey will still get to attend the amazing Magnet school she went to last year. We still have our good old Putt Putt and Bessie Lou (car and van). Vic and Panda are of course moving with us. We are still about 20 minutes from my parents and about 8 and a half hours from both sets of Odie's parents and about 18 hours from my beloved Treasure Coast.
    This summer we decided that it was in our best interest (stress and financial wise) that we do a Stay-cation of sorts and we have found a lot of fun local things to do and see. I do miss my family in Florida and Odie's families up North and we are planning to make the trips in the future to go see all of them. But, it was nice to seek out some of the local attractions that we have overlooked in the time that we have been here and visit some old favorite haunts. :)
  I am getting sleepy and have a lot to get done in the morning so I am going to close this post for now. Hopefully this was enough of an update for everyone. Night.

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