Monday, August 15, 2011

New and Improved!

  So it has been a little while since I last posted a blog and there have been quite a changes. I decided to start our little family blog totally from scratch and what better time to make everything blog-wise new and improved than right before we move into our New and Improved house?!
  So without further ado, I welcome you to our little family blog. Here, we will share the adventures that we go on as we explore all of the mystery and wonder that life has to offer........
   At the moment, we are starting to pack our out of season clothing and other items that we do not need on a daily basis in preparation of the big move. If you were not aware of the move, fear not! We are not moving very far ( quite literally a few blocks away)! It is in the same neighborhood but the similarities stop there, lol.
  This week is pretty boring and chaotic at the same time. This week is the time that we have to take care of the business end of the move and make sure that our i's are dotted and out t's are crossed until our eye are crossed! We went in last week and confirmed with the housing office that we are scheduled to move beginning on September 6th. Does that date sound familiar? If you live in Hampton Roads, it should. It just so happens to be the First day of school! Did we plan on that being our moving day?! NO WAY! But it is a lot better than the alternative (which is to move in late October/ early November!). So, we are making the best of it, and actually kind of thankful that we will have 8 hours of not having to worry about what to do with Miss Booter. We do still have to worry about our two fur-kids getting into mischief but we have enlisted the aid of our wonderful Pug Nanny who has offered to Mackey and Panda sit while we get the big stuff moved. Her only fee is that we take her on "The Queen's tour" of the new house before we start bombarding the rooms with cardboard clutter, lol.
  Today we had to submit our paperwork to the office that deals with the movers. We were given the option of having a moving company come in, pack everything, haul it to the new house, unpack it, and set up the big pieces of furniture- all at no charge to us (because this is what is called a "forced move"). Or we can choose to collect our own boxes and packing materials, enlist the help of family and friends and their vehicles and move ourselves- and get paid handsomely. Considering we still have almost all of the boxes that we collected for our almost move to England back in January and the fact that we have such awesome family and friends who have offered to help with the move, we decided to take the latter option.
  We also got Cox scheduled to come out to the new house on the 6th and turn on our cable, internet and add our brand new house phone line. It seems like something that is not a big deal to most people, and is even something that a lot of people have done away with, but I honestly miss having a "land line" telephone. Our cell phone reception in the old house is patchy unless we are linked to the wireless router (which eats lots of battery!) and Booter is getting to the age that having unlimited minutes on a phone is going to be a must!  I also went online and put in a Change of Address form with the Post Office, contacted our Creditors and gave them the new address, and updated our subscriptions to reflect the move date. I called the county to update the dogs' tags and updated their microchip information on and updated the Vet's office with the new address. We cannot update our Driver's Licenses or Voter Registration until we actually move into the new house. Same goes for contacting Miss Utility to come out and mark any lines so that we can have our new fence put up in the backyard for the dogs.
  Tomorrow is a non-moving related day. :) The kids and I are planning to go to the pool (weather permitting) or head to the bowling alley (if the weather is not nice) and then we have a fun activity planned at the Community Clubhouse in the afternoon. Wednesday, we are making Jell-o Jigglers and working on packing some more boxes. Thursday, we are planning to organize and start putting prices on the items we have for our Yard sale on Labor Day weekend. Booter has asked if she can have a Lemonade and Cupcake stand at the yard sale and still needs to decide on a charity to donate the proceeds to. Friday we are planning to work on clearing out all closets in the house to get an inventory of our belongings before we get too much packed.
    We took advantage of the Tax-free holiday weekend and have everything on the School supply list purchased, labeled and ready inside Booter's brand new (and really cute) L.L. Bean bookbag. Thanks to Grandma D, and Grandpa and Grandma C; Booter is all set clothing wise for back to school with plenty of new clothes for her fashion pleasure and new tennis shoes, dress shoes and even her first pair of "high heels" !
  Phew! This moving thing, even a few blocks down the road, is a lot of work! I am off to bed! Good night!

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